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Greg Wyant Oct 26 Announcements

If you are prompted to install an update for QuickBooks 2015 in HarborCloud, please just click Install Later to continue.


Intuit released the R8 update for QuickBooks 2015 on October 23, 2015. Users launching QB 2015 may see the above prompt before QuickBooks opens. Please just click the Install Later button to ignore this prompt and continue to work in QuickBooks. We are currently reviewing the update along with the rest of the greater Intuit community before installing it in HarborCloud.

Note at this time QuickBooks 2015 in HarborCloud is on the R6 release. Intuit released the QB 2015 R7 update back in mid-July but promptly pulled the R7 release (without disclosing details why) shortly after. As such, we are a bit cautious and are currently evaluating the R8 release before approving its installation across our QB 2015 servers.

If you have any further questions, feel free to submit a support request. Thank you.