Initialization failed error for Mac users

Mac users may receive an Initialization Failed error when trying to access HarborCloud

You are a Mac user and you are encountering the following Initialization Failed error message when trying to launch applications from the HarborCloud Dashboard:


Only Mac users are affected. Windows users are not affected.

The error is caused by the macOS Sierra update

This error is caused by updating your Mac operating system to macOS Sierra (version 10.12), the latest OS available which was released late September 2016. Unfortunately, macOS Sierra will likely outdate the current Citrix Receiver installed on your Mac computer, as your current Citrix Receiver was built before the latest Mac operating system update was released.

Resolve the error by updating your Citrix Receiver for Mac

To resolve, you simply need to update the Citrix Receiver on your Mac to the latest version available. Citrix Receiver for Mac version 12.3 and newer are built with macOS Sierra compatibility in mind, and so after updating to a newer Receiver, you should be all set.

  1. Log completely out of HarborCloud
  2. Go to
  3. Choose to download the latest Citrix Receiver for Mac
  4. Once the CitrixReceiver.dmg file downloads, choose to run this disk image file to start installing the latest Receiver
  5. Follow the instructions provided by the Citrix Receiver Installer Wizard
  6. If prompted to add an account, choose to skip that option
  7. Once the Receiver is installed, restart your Mac computer
  8. Log back into HarborCloud and try again

If you need assistance installing the Receiver for Mac, please see our full Citrix Receiver Installation Guide or submit a request and we will help you out.

Thank you.

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