QuickBooks freezes after performing certain actions

QuickBooks appears to freeze up when trying to open up a window

You have encountered an issue where QuickBooks freezes up when performing specific actions that are supposed to bring up a new window in your QuickBooks file. You may be trying to print an invoice, use the register, customize a report...whatever you're trying to do, QuickBooks always seems to freeze instead of opening up that next print, register, or customization window. You may have noticed a few other symptoms as well:

  • The freezing only happens within one company file
  • The freezing only happens with one particular QuickBooks user
  • The freezing only happens after performing specific actions
  • The freezing does not result in any error messages
  • There are no data errors detected by Verify or Rebuild Data Utilities
  • Restarting QuickBooks, HarborCloud, or your computer does not resolve the issue

The freezing occurs since the window actually opens, but it is outside of the viewable screen

QuickBooks isn't actually frozen -- it has just opened up that next window offscreen. That is, the window is open, just outside of the viewable area with your current monitor setup. QuickBooks seems frozen since that window has popped up and is waiting for your input, but since you can't even see the window, you can't click through it or even choose to close it out. As QuickBooks won't let you use any other windows or functions until this offscreen window is clicked through, you won't be able to proceed anywhere else in QuickBooks, thus making it seem like the software is frozen.

This is an uncommon but recognized problem with the QuickBooks software, where you click to open up a window and nothing happens. You can read Intuit's support article on the issue here: http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/support/articles/HOW19853

How to reset the offscreen window and resolve the "frozen" QuickBooks file

The Intuit article above details a few solutions but none of which help when QuickBooks is currently frozen. The best solution we have found instead is to do the following:

  1. Perform the task that causes QuickBooks to freeze due to the offscreen window issue
  2. Hit the ESC key on your keyboard
  3. Try performing the same task again

And that's it! Hitting ESC in QuickBooks will close the "most open" window (in this case, the recently opened offscreen one) and reset its position to within your current viewable area. The next time you try to perform the same task, you should now see the appropriate window appearing, and QuickBooks no longer freezes up when performing that action.

In short, when you suspect QuickBooks is frozen due to the offscreen window issue, simply hit the ESC key to resolve.

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