How to reset the TLG file - For slow/freezing/large QB files

Does your QuickBooks company file run slow or freeze up, even though some of your other files run fine? If so, you might have an "unhealthy" company file, and there's a few things you should do to get it back in shape!

The problem factor is the transaction log file size (the TLG file), which is one of the parts of your overall QuickBooks company file. Depending on how you use QuickBooks, this file can grow grossly overweight in size. A healthy company file has a TLG file that's much smaller than the main QBW file. As a general rule of thumb, if the TLG file is larger in size than a quarter of the QBW file size, it's time to take action! 

What we will be doing is creating a portable company file (.QBM) and then restoring this file. This essentially compacts the company file and then opens it back up. This resets the TLG file while preserving your company file's data, resulting in a happier, healthier QuickBooks company file.

As a fair warning, the below instructions are straightforward but are also very precise and must be followed carefully, especially the 6th and 8th steps. If you need any assistance with this procedure listed below or feel uncomfortable performing these steps without help, then please reach out to us and we'll give you a hand.

  1. Launch QuickBooks in HarborCloud and log into the company file with the QuickBooks administrative user

  2. Have all other users log out of the company file
  3. Go to File > Create Copy > Portable company file > Choose to save the file to your T: drive

  4. Go to File > Close Company to log out of the company file (but leave QuickBooks open!)
  5. Launch the Windows Explorer icon in HarborCloud and create a folder in your T: drive and label it "ARCHIVE - DO NOT USE"

  6. Cut the "unhealthy" company file and Paste it into this Archive folder (to prevent accidentally duplicating files, we recommend using Cut instead of Copy)

  7. In QuickBooks, go to File > Restore a portable file > Choose the .QBM portable copy in your T: drive

  8. Choose to save the restored company file from your portable copy to your T: drive in the original file's location

And that's it! Compacting and restoring a company file alone can fix a number of problems that result in a slow, uncooperative company file. After you've verified that the restored portable company file looks great, please delete the ARCHIVE - DO NOT USE folder to free up space in your T: drive. Remember, if you make a mistake, we can always pull up a backup of your company file as well.

Again, if you need any assistance in performing the TLG reset, please let us know.


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