Safari - Difficulty launching applications

Your version of Safari may be blocking the Citrix Receiver plug-in.

If you use Apple's Safari web browser on your macOS device, Safari may be configured to block new plug-ins like the Citrix Receiver. To resolve, you just need to allow our website to use the Citrix Receiver plug-in in Safari.

1) Go to our HarborCloud Logon Page at

2) Open the Safari menu the upper-left and choose Preferences...


3) Go to the Websites tab

4) Select the Citrix Receiver under the Plug-ins section

5) Select On to allow the our website to use the Citrix Receiver plug-in


6) Log into HarborCloud and try launching your applications again

If you need any further assistance, submit a request to our support team and we will reach out to you shortly.

Thank you.

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