Firefox - Click to launch an application and nothing happens

Your version of Mozilla Firefox may be blocking the Citrix plugin.

If you click to launch a HarborCloud application in Mozilla Firefox and the application doesn't launch, then Firefox might be blocking the Citrix plugin necessary for you to access HarborCloud.

Current versions of the Mozilla Firefox have changed how the web browser handles plugins. Several plugins that had previously worked smoothly and automatically, such as the Citrix plugin necessary to use HarborCloud, have now been disabled by default. In order to activate a plugin, it must be added to the Firefox plugin whitelist.

Step 1: Open up the Firefox Add-ons Manager

You can access the Add-ons Manger by either type in about:addons in the address bar or click on the three horizontal bars in the upper-right to bring up the Firefox menu and click on Add-ons puzzle icon.


Step 2: Choose Plugins to view a list of your installed plugins for Firefox

The Plugins icon is the blue Lego brick-like icon on the left-hand side of the Add-ons Manager page. 


Step 3: Locate the Citrix plugin and add it to the Firefox plugin whitelist

Click on the Citrix ICA Client or Citrix Receiver and locate the drop-down options menu to the right of that plugin. Change the option to Always Activate to whitelist the plugin.


After selecting Always Activate for the Citrix plugin, you can then go back to your HarborCloud Dashboard and should be able to launch your applications successfully. If you need any further assistance, Submit a Request to our support team and we will reach out to you shortly.

Thank you.


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    Perfect solution.  Thanks!!

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    Tommy Mendoza / Greenfield Fresh

    The plug-in WAS the problem.  I changed the two Citrix plug-ins to ALWAYS ACTIVATE and it opened without any trouble.  Thank you for your help.

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