Can't launch applications - General Troubleshooting

After you logging in to your account, you can launch a Citrix applications by single-clicking on its respective icon. It may take a few moments for the application to virtualize depending on your internet connection and the application you are trying to open.

If your application never launches, however, there could be a few things that may be preventing you from jumping in. Below is a list of the most common culprits preventing users from launching their applications:

  1. Citrix Receiver is not installed or needs to be updated
  2. Blocked by local web browser settings
  3. Hung local processes or services
  4. Default-program file-type association is incorrect
  5. Unsupported operating system

If you are unable launch applications, then we recommend troubleshooting in the order below:

1. Install or update the Citrix Receiver

Our virtualization services are powered by Citrix technology, but most computers do not have any software already installed in order to harness Citrix. The Citrix Receiver is the application that needs to be installed on your local computer in order to use our services -- unsurprisingly you won't get too far without it!

Additionally, Citrix constantly is improving the Receiver, but one of the features they still haven't quite managed to perfect is that ability for the Receiver to update (or check for updates) automatically. As a result you may have the Receiver already installed, but if it's an older version, then that could also account for applications failing to launch.

To install or update the Receiver:

  1. Log completely out of your Citrix account
  2. Go to
  3. Choose to download the latest Citrix Receiver
  4. After the file downloads, choose to run the file to launch the Citrix Receiver installation wizard
  5. After the installation is complete, if prompted to Add Account or Finish, click Finish
  6. Restart your web browser
  7. Log back in and try again

It's also possible you have the latest Citrix Receiver but somehow it didn't quite get installed correctly, hence why applications are not launching. If this is the case, simply uninstall the current Citrix Receiver on your computer first, and then follow the steps above to reinstall the latest Receiver available.

2. Adjust your web browser settings

Our services can work on any of the main web browsers out there (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, Edge), but depending on your browser's settings, sometimes additional configuration may be required. If you're not able to launch your Citrix apps from your preferred web browser, one of the first things to do is to try launching through a different web browser. If it works in one browser but not the other, then chances are you just need to make a few changes to get it working on the one you want.

You can view all Web Browser Help articles here, with the most common ones highlighted below:

3. Restart your computer

It may be the oldest trick in the tech-support book, but if you are unable to launch applications then simply restarting your computer might be all you need to do. Your computer may require a reboot for new programs to work properly anyway, which could especially be true if you installed or updated the Receiver today. Additionally, restarting your machine will end any hung applications, processes, and services as well as reset any local resource issue that may be preventing you from launching your Citrix apps.

In short, if applications are not launching and you've already tried installing or updating Citrix Receiver and making web browser adjustments, please try restarting your computer.

4. Configure the default programs

Maybe you clicked to open an application and something did launch...just not what you thought you clicked, and not from our site. It's possible that your computer may not be using the correct program to launch applications from our website, even though you already installed the Citrix Receiver. As a result, you just need to make sure the correct default program is configured for the special .ica files that are used when you click on your Citrix apps.

Please see our article on how to adjust the default program that opens .ica files on your local computer.

5. Review your operating system

Citrix technology allows for access from any device, but older operating systems may not be compatible. Just as Microsoft and Apple will discontinue supporting older Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, so too will Citrix stop developing Receivers compatible with OSs from generations long past.

  • Windows XP and older not supported
  •  Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and older are not supported
  • Chrome OS (Chromebook operating system) is not supported

If your machine runs on an unsupported operating system listed above (or an OS even older), you will need to upgrade your OS in order to access your Citrix apps from that machine.

If you are looking to set up your account on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet), please see our Mobile Device Setup article.

Still can't launch applications?

The above sections cover many but certainly not every possible reason why an application may not launch. If you've reinstalled the Receiver, adjusted browser settings, restarted your computer, checked the file-type association, reviewed your operating system, and still can't launch applications, please submit a ticket so that we may review your unique case. Any screenshots of error messages or unusual prompts can go a long way towards an expedient resolution. Thank you!

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