Timed idle disconnections for SonicWall firewall users


HarborCloud users with SonicWall may experience timed disconnections after a period of inactivity.

Like any firewall, the SonicWall firewall will monitor network traffic and apply rules, restrictions, and policies to safeguard your local system. One of these SonicWall rules is the Inactivity Timeout threshold, which is the time limit where SonicWaill will close the connection of an internet-based application if it has been idle for too long. This Inactivity Timeout can affect a variety of internet-based services, including those powered by Citrix such as HarborCloud.

By default, the SonicWall Inactivity Timeout is set to 15 minutes. This means if you leave a HarborCloud session idle for 15 minutes, then SonicWall will close out the connection between your computer and HarborCloud. This will look like you have been dropped from HarborCloud, though the cause of the disconnection is unrelated to our services and instead is due to the SonicWall configuration.

While an understandable rule from a security standpoint, if the default 15-minute Inactivity Timeout inconveniences your experience with HarborCloud, then you can edit the Inactivity Timeout rule to increase the time limit before SonicWall closes a connection.

How to adjust the SonicWall Inactivity Timeout

Below are instructions on how to make adjustments to the SonicWall firewall in regards to the default Inactivity Timeout limit. We recommend discussing with your local IT administrator if you need assistance making adjustments to your firewall.

  1. Select Firewall > Access Rules
  2. Choose Matrix view
  3. Select LAN to WAN
  4. Select the default Inactivity Timeout rule and click on the Advanced tab
  5. Increase the value for the TCP Connection Inactivity Timeout
  6. Click OK

You are welcome to increase the TCP Connection Inactivity Timeout to a value of your choosing, whether that 15 minutes is increased to 30 minutes or 120 minutes. Please note the HarborCloud system inactivity timeout of 180 minutes will still remain in effect, so regardless of your SonicWall configuration, we will log off your session after 3 hours of inactivity.


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