How to create a local shortcut

Saving files from your hosted account to directories on your local computer can be quite a few clicks since there are several subfolders within the typical Windows hierarchy.

You can save yourself some time by creating a shortcut directly to your local destination, and then place that shortcut in the hosted Windows Explorer app for a quick solution to go straight to your local desktop or other favorite folder.

  1. Log into your hosted account account and launch Windows Explorer
  2. Once the Window Explorer is open, click on your Local Disk (C:) to access your local computer
  3. Once you have opened the Local Disk (C:) directory, find the Users folder
  4. Locate the user folder corresponding to your local Windows username (i.e., the user that you are logged in with on your local computer) and double-click to open your local Windows user folder
  5. Once inside your user folder, you should see several folders, right-click on the Desktop folder (or whatever folder ) and choose to Create Shortcut to create the Desktop - Shortcut
  6. Copy the Desktop - Shortcut and paste it in your T: Drive.
  7. Once you paste your shortcut in your T: Drive, right-click on the shortcut folder and go to Properties
  8. In the Target field, delete the $ symbol in the \\Client\C$\Users target directory entry
  9. Click OK

Once you are done with these steps, you will be able to easily click on the shortcut in your T: drive to go directly to your local computer.

Thank you.

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