How to create a local backup


This article contains instructions on how to create a backup copy of your QuickBooks data and save it to your local computer.

This process is fairly simple and should be familiar to anyone who has created a QuickBooks backup file (*.qbb) before. The only major difference is that we will specify the backup destination to a directory on your local machine (e.g., your local computer's desktop), as otherwise QuickBooks would save the QB backup file on our servers.

How to save a QB backup file from to your local computer

1. Log in to your hosted account and open your QuickBooks company file

2. Go to File > Back Up Company > Create Local Backup

3. Select Local backup and click Next

4. Select Save it now and click Next

5. In the Save Backup Copy window, click on Computer on the left to reveal all drives

6. Go to Local Disk (C:) > Users > [your local user folder]

7. Select the Desktop folder (or another directory of your choosing) and click Open

8. Click Save and QuickBooks will create the QB backup file and save it to your local computer

Depending on the size of the QB file and the quality of your internet connection, this may take anywhere from several seconds to a few dozen minutes. QuickBooks will notify you when the backup has been saved successfully to your local computer.

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