How to update a QuickBooks file to your current version


This article contains instructions on how to update your QuickBooks company file to your current version of the QuickBooks software.

Upgrading the QuickBooks software does not automatically update your QuickBooks company files. You will thus need to manually update your company files if you have upgraded to a newer version of the QuickBooks software (e.g., if you upgraded from QuickBooks Pro 2015 to QuickBooks Pro 2017).

All you need to do to update a company file is simply open the file in the new QuickBooks software and then let the QuickBooks Company File Update Wizard guide you through the process.

Note that only the QuickBooks administrative user can update a QuickBooks file, so please be sure to have the QuickBooks admin credentials prior to updating a company file. 

How to update your QuickBooks company file

1. Log into HarborCloud and launch QuickBooks

2. Choose to Open or restore an existing company on the No Company Open window

If prompted by the Express Start Wizard (“Let’s set up your business!”), simply close out of it to get to the No Company Open window.

3. Choose to Open a company file and click Next

4. Click on Computer on the left side of the window and then open your T: drive

5. Locate your company file in your T: drive and click Open

If you see multiple files with similar names, choose the file with the green icon, which is usually the topmost file listed.

6. Enter the QuickBooks Admin user credentials to this company file and click OK

7. Click Update Now and the QuickBooks Company File Update Wizard will begin to update your file

The Update Wizard will automatically create a backup copy prior to updating your company file.

8. The Update Wizard will first back up and then update your company file

9. When finished, click Done to start working in your file in the new version of QuickBooks

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