"You do not have sufficient permissions" when creating a new QB file

You receive a message about insufficient permissions when trying to create a new QuickBooks file

When attempting to create a new QuickBooks company file, you receive the following message:

Error Message: You do not have sufficient permissions to the specified folder.

Clicking OK at this window aborts the QuickBooks company file creation attempt, but you are unable to proceed to the next step since the company file is never created.

This message appears if you use the Express Start wizard to create a new QuickBooks file

New users in QuickBooks are often prompted by the Express Start wizard, which is launched by clicking Start Setup at the "Let's set up your business!" window. The problem with the Express Start wizard is that it does not allow you to select a location for where to save the QuickBooks file, and the default location is a public directory instead of your team's designated T: drive.

We have thus placed restrictions to prevent users from accidentally creating files in a public directory, which results in the error message above if such an attempt is made.

Use the Advanced Setup wizard to create a new QuickBooks file instead

To get past this error, simply use the Advanced Setup (sometimes called Detailed Start) wizard in QuickBooks to create a company file. You can access the Advanced Setup wizard by clicking on the Other Options dropdown button and then selecting Advanced Setup:

Unlike the Express Start wizard, the Advanced Setup wizard will prompt you to "choose a location to save your company file" in the create your company file step. Simply select your HarborCloud T: drive (click on the Computer button and choose your T: drive when prompted) in order to create your new QuickBooks company file in your designated T: drive directory.

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