"Your system might not have enough memory" when exporting to Excel

You are unable to export to Excel from QuickBooks

When attempting to export a QuickBooks report to Excel, you receive the following message:

Error Message: Your system might not have enough memory to use Excel. Try again after closing some applications.

Clicking the OK button through that message gives you the option to create a comma separated values (.csv) file, but the options to create, update, or replace an existing Excel worksheet are greyed out.

This message appears if you do not have Excel in HarborCloud

In order for QuickBooks to export to Excel in HarborCloud, you must have access to both applications in our system. If you do not see an Excel icon on your HarborCloud Dashboard, then you likely do not have access to the Excel application.

Despite the text of the warning message itself, this error is not related to memory at all.

You can add Excel to your HarborCloud user for $6.00 per month

Microsoft has provisioned special Excel licenses for hosted environments. You can add Excel to your HarborCloud account at a rate of $6.00 per user per month. This will cover both the hosting and leasing fee for the application. Note we will not be able to use your existing Excel or Office licenses in our system.

Please submit a request if you want to add Excel to your HarborCloud account and we will work with you to quickly add the application to your user.



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