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Having connection issues?

Is working in HarborCloud slow? Do you find your sessions often seem to freeze up? Are you encountering frequent disconnections from our system? Repeated connection issues are often the result of an unreliable internet connection. If you are experiencing performance issues in HarborCloud, then use a ping test to find out if your internet connection is the culprit.

What is a ping test?

When you ping a server or site, you are measuring your internet connection's speed by timing how long it takes for a small packet of data to travel from your computer to its destination and back. By pinging the same site multiple times through a ping test, you can also measure the variability of your connection by checking the consistency of the scores.

  • Low, consistent ping scores indicate a fast, stable internet connection
  • High, variable ping scores indicate a slow, unreliable internet connection

Since HarborCloud is a service dependent on the speed and stability on your internet connection, a slow connection may cause HarborCloud to lag, and a fluctuating connection may result in frozen or dropped sessions.

How to run a ping test on a Windows computer

  1. Launch the Command Prompt on your local Windows computer (Start > Search > Command Prompt)
  2. Type in ping citrix.ourhostedcloud.com -t and hit the Enter key
  3. Note the ping scores in the time=XXms column and look to see if the scores are high or inconsistent

When running a continuous ping test on a Windows computer, you can also hit Ctrl-C to end the continuous ping test and receive a summary of the results.

How to run a ping test on a Mac computer

  1. Launch Terminal on your local Mac computer (use Spotlight to search for Terminal)
  2. Type in ping citrix.ourhostedcloud.com and hit the Enter key
  3. Note the ping scores in the time=XXms column and look to see if the scores are high or inconsistent

Interpreting the results

Feel free to leave the ping test running in the background while you work in HarborCloud. If you experience connection issues, then pull up the ping test window and review the results of the recent pings. This section will discuss how to interpret these results.

Running a ping test will return a window look something like this:

Each ping will have a time=XXms score that measures how long it takes to make the trip from your computer to HarborCloud and back, based on the speed of your internet connection. You want these scores to be low. Generally speaking, you want your ping scores to be under 100ms. The higher the scores, the more noticeable the latency. Scores over several hundred milliseconds will be crippling.

Leave the ping test running and it will continue to ping HarborCloud about every second. Each ping will have its own time=XXms score. You want these scores to be consistent. There will likely be a bit of variance between successive pings, but a healthy connection will have low variability, usually all within 20ms of each other. If you instead notice scores all over the place, or if every so often the ping scores skyrocket, these are signs of an inconsistent, unreliable connection. These fluctuations and spikes in the connection may result in HarborCloud freezing till the connection re-establishes itself.

In extreme cases, you may even see a request timed out message instead of a ping score. This means the ping attempt failed because your internet connection has cut out completely. This is often the cause of the network connection to your application was interrupted message you may have received in HarborCloud. Unsurprisingly, that message indicates that your internet connection has indeed dropped...and internet-dependent HarborCloud session along with it!

What to do with the results of the ping test

If you notice high ping scores, highly variable ping scores, or request timed out messages when running the ping test, then you have proof that your internet connection is suffering. We recommend you take a screenshot or otherwise save a record of these scores and then contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Your ISP may be having issues or outages, or there could be something they could do to speed up or stabilize your connection problems.

If you see consistently low ping scores yet still encounter performance problems, then please submit a ticket detailing your connection issues along with a screenshot of your ping test results. While your internet connection is typically the primary factor behind performance in HarborCloud, there could be an issue with your data that's causing the connection problems instead, and we could help you investigate.

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